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Baroque frame | Silver

Baroque frame | Silver

For frames, enter the measurements of the TV in millimetres

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The television frame plays an important role in the viewing experience and overall aesthetics of a home environment. is able to significantly improve the enjoyment of television content: it outlines and focuses attention on the television area, creating a sort of "picture" that visually distinguishes the display from the rest of the surrounding furniture. Furthermore, it can be used to harmonize the television with the style of the surrounding environment.

Another aspect to consider is protection. The frame can provide a physical barrier between the TV and its surroundings, helping to prevent accidental scratches or light damage. This is especially useful in homes with children or pets.

Inside the package, you will find 4 handmade rods for the composition of your frame, the one selected: BAROQUE FRAME | SILVER

Size: customized

Weight: customized

Thickness: -

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