Take the horizontal measurement of your TV

1) In this first phase, take the horizontal measurements of the TV precisely using a tape measure. Make sure you get measurements accurate to the millimeter to ensure a perfect fit of the frame.

Take vertical measurements and order on the site

2) Now accurately measure the height of your TV. We always remind you to make sure your measurements are accurate!

Once you have the two measurements (width and height), proceed to enter them during the purchase phase on our website.

Assembly of the frame with the appropriate hooks

3) Once you have received your custom-made frame, proceed with assembly. You will notice some hooks in the corners ready to be inserted into the holes.

Advance to the next step

4) Once you have mounted your TV frame, it's time to proceed to the next step: admire the elegance of your frame!

Applying the frame to the TV

5) Now is the time to apply the frame to your TV. Carefully place the frame on the TV and rotate the appropriate hooks behind it to ensure perfect adhesion and stability.

Scan the QR code to reproduce our paintings

6) Our LegnoPregio Frame offers a unique experience. Scan the QR code provided with your TV. Once scanned, you will have access to a large selection of digital paintings and artworks to stream to your TV.

Enjoy your LegnoPregio Frame

7) Finally, the long-awaited moment! With the perfectly mounted frame and the streaming paintings, you will be able to enjoy the elegance and charm of your new LegnoPregio Frame. Watch your TV transform into a true work of art and enrich your viewing experience in style.