The Legnopregio Frame project represents the result of months of commitment and careful research. Following the success with our Akupanels, especially when customers placed them near their TVs, a spark of inspiration was ignited. We saw the potential of creating something complementary, thus giving rise to the idea of ​​creating bespoke TV frames.

Through numerous tests and experiments, it has become clear that this product has the power to transform living spaces into beautiful environments, whether they are accompanied by our Akupanels or not. Legnopregio Frame is the embodiment of our commitment to enhancing the aesthetics and enriching the atmosphere of your home.

Thanks to in-depth research, we are proud to present our decorative frames for televisions, the result of a craftsmanship that enchants the gaze and enhances every screen.

The frames can be used to adapt the television to the surrounding furnishings, creating visual harmony and integrating it perfectly into the domestic or commercial environment, making the screen a real furnishing design element.